Humans are terrible decision makers. Yet we let them/us keep doing it. They make decisions for our businesses day and and day out, with limited success and no indiction they’re getting any better.

So, why are we so bad at it? What makes us make decisions the way we do? How do we think and how can we do better? A little understanding of these topics might just help our people improve.

Humans run 100% of our businesses and are responsible for most of the decision making across industry. Unfortunately, through evolution and the compexity of the world we find ourselves in, it turns out we weren’t designed to be very good at the decision making society requires of us.

One of the key ways to protect against our human centric poor decision making is to understand how people think, how people make decisions, and how to guard against our own flaws.

This keynote explores the origin and reasons behind human beings’ decision making frameworks and how this lets us down. Covering;

  • Natural selection and human evolution as related to decision making
  • Brain structures designed for a world that no longer exists
  • Concepts from the world of behavioural economics;
    • System 1 and System 2
    • The absence of rational actors
    • Biases, Fallacies and Heuristics

All of this will is interspersed with stories, examples, and everyday occurrences that the audience will recognise.

This session can be configured to included a pre-survey of the attendees and interaction elements that explore decisi0ns made by the group helping illuminate where we all come up short. Exposing where attendees find themselves tricked by their own brains into illogical behaviour is always a revealing and enlightening experience.

Finally, the content will be drawn together by highlighting parallels with decisions in modern corporate life recognisable to the attendees.