Adaptability: Humans ability to adapt got us here – where to now?

Humans are the top of the food chain. While in nature we can be outrun, outmuscled, outlasted and out survived in a thousand niches situations why is it that we’re on top? Humans are on top because of our ability to adapt. We’re the most resourceful creatures and the most adaptive to change. So in a world where change is the only constant how do we harness our ability to change and put it to good use.

The last few years have seen extremely large scale, macro-change. If we look back over 15 years we’ve seen Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the rise and demise of popularist governments, the Arab Spring, China’s rise, a global pandemic (and some mini epidemics), Russian belligerence and all of this impact supply chains and inflationary pressure. To say things aren’t what the used to be doesn’t even come close to covering it.

It’s a testament to our organisations that we’re still here and pushing forward. So what the core skill, the core trait, the central personal and organisational characteristic that got us here and will get us through the new world of constant disruption?


It’s our flexible nature and ability to apply our to move and change with the situation, to imagine new ways of doing things and our ability to use language to communicate our new approach to our collaborators that will see us thrive into the future.

This keynote will help our organisations and teams understand how we adapt and, indeed what we’re adapting to and how we’ll prepare for the demands placed on us in the future.

We must adapt and then adapt again. The change you’re adapting to now won’t be the last.

Adapt or face extinction.