Brett works with a range of corporate clients, government agencies, public and private entities and industry bodies to provide advisory and consulting services centring on Innovation Culture and Program Development, Consulting on Future of Industries Research and Reporting. He specialises in working with Boards and Senior Leadership Teams educating, questioning, sharing and inspiring those involved to think differently and breakout of normative thinking.

Engagements often take the form of…

  1. Industry Future Mapping
  2. Boardroom Briefings
  3. Roundtables Briefings
  4. Disrupted Industries Workshops
  5. Innovation Leadership
  6. Innovation Strategy
  7. Innovation Culture
  8. Innovation opportunities and priorities
  9. Digital Strategy
  10. Event Facilitation
  11. Conference Innovation Breakouts/Workshops

Consulting engagements may be ‘one off’ or developed as part of a longer program designed to evolve an organisation’s journey of change, leadership focus and innovation agenda.

Brett presenting a Boardroom Briefing.