Brett Wiskar is National Innovation Manager at Australian Catholic University.
Speaker : Writer : Futurist : Innovator : Commentator

With more than 20 years of consulting experience in digital, IT, strategy and innovation working with the likes of Dominos, Adobe, Computer Associates, The Reserve Bank of Australia, Nestle, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft, JBS and Mars, Brett is adept in the world of international innovation and strategy.

In this time – Brett has provided consulting and business advisory to some of the most influential projects in Australian corporations across dozens of sectors. From the world’s largest cannabis production facility and projects exceeding one billion dollars to the country’s first augmented reality innovation coalition for food to the largest ecommerce solutions in the country, Brett’s innovative achievements have been widely recognised.

Brett is a prolific writer, having produced content for all of Australia’s major industry magazines, and the national press and business focused editorial television. Brett’s grasp of the challenges and opportunities of innovation and disruption is only superseded by his ability to eloquently articulate both experiences of innovation and opportunity to be gained from changing the status quo in a business.

Brett has spoken at countless events focussing on; corporate strategy, industry leadership, innovation and growth throughout Australia and southeast Asia. Business audiences will be entertained, enthralled and will, no doubt, learn something along the way.

Brett Wiskar - Chief Future Officer

At Australian Catholic University Brett’s role is to drive technology and digital innovation for 2,500 staff and 35,000 students across 8 campuses delivering digital enablement, innovation, strategy, and more. He is responsible for Technology, Digital Innovation, and Change adoption.


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Historic Speaking Engagements 2019 – 2016.

  • The Asia-Pacific Bioeconomy Policy Summit as part of BioInnovation Week – Nov 2019
  • Something Digital – Future of Work, Oct 2019
  • Foodtech 2019 – Food Factories of the Future, Brisbane July 2019
  • Future Food Systems CRC Forum: Breakthroughs in Value-Adding, Mandurah Western Australia July 2019
  • AR/VR Reality for the Agriculture & Livestock Sectors, Australian Ag Immersive Technology Conference, Melbourne July 2019
  • ‘The Asian Opportunity for Australian Ag’ at Ag in the Asian Century National Export and Innovation Conference presented by TSBE (Toowoomba and Surrat Basin Enterprise) 
  • Discount Drug Stores Annual Conference | Winning in a Social World, 2019 | Gold Coast
  • Meeting the Energy Challenge – ensuring security, reliability, accessibility for industry | Auspack, 2019 | Melbourne
  • You are the innovator now! | Keynote at Genie Solutions Internal Innovation Day, 2018 | Brisbane
  • The New Design & Technologies Landscape Changing the Food & TC Industries | 77th Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association Conference, 2018 | Noosa, Qld
  • Industrial Innovation – inventing the future on the fly | BAM Conference – Invisible Intelligence, 2018 | Melbourne
  • Augmented Reality – Where are we now with the technology, where’s it being employed and opportunities for the forestry industry | ForestTECH, 2018 | Melbourne
  • An outsiders innovation journey – Changing an entire industry | Innov8rs – The #1 Glocal Community for Corporate Innovators, 2018 | Sydney
  • AR/VR Reality Implementation for the Agriculture and Livestock Sectors | 2nd Immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality Customer Experience, Marketing and Product Development Forum, 2018 | Melbourne
  • Augmented Reality in the Future of Industry | ICoMST (International Congress of Meat Science and Technology), 2018 | Melbourne
  • Foresight on the Future of Food in a Technology Revolution | Australian Prawn Farmers Association Symposium, 2018 | Gold Coast
  • The Future Proofing of Industries | Stock and Land Conference, 2018 | Melbourne
  • The Future Proofing of Industries | National Saleyards Expo, 2018 | Casino, NSW
  • Growing With Technology is the Future Of Growing | Hort Connections, 2018 | Brisbane
  • Future of Food Industry and Automation | MINTRAC – HR and Workforce Conference, 2018 | Sydney
  • The New Speed of Change | Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association, 2018 | Melbourne
  • Technology Impact on the Future of Food | Future Food Bootcamp, 2018 | Brisbane
  • The Food Industry’s Demand for AI Empowered Innovation | Amazon Webservices Brisbane Seminar, 2017 | Brisbane
  • Mixed Reality in Food Manufacturing | MINTRAC – Meat Quality Conference, 2017 | Gold Coast
  • AI in Manufacturing Industry and the Food Supply Chain | AI Asia, 2017 | Singapore
  • In Manufacturing Big Data means Big Plans | AI Asia, 2017 | Singapore
  • Tech Trends of Tomorrow | Food & Drink + PKN L!VE, 2017 | Sydney
  • The Innovative Supply Chain of Tomorrow | Smart Conference – Transport and Supplychain, 2017 | Sydney
  • The Innovative Supply Chain of Tomorrow | The Transport and Logistics Symposium, 2017 | Toowoomba
  • Trends That Will Shape the Future of Food Processing | Foodpro Symposium, 2017 | Sydney
  • The Future of Decision Making in the Food Supply Chain | Foodpro Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) Education Seminar Series, 2017 | Sydney
  • Future trends in food logistics and manufacturing | Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia (Adelaide Roadshow), 2017 | Adelaide
  • Feeding 9 billion consumers by 2050 | Future Food Day, 2017 | Brisbane
  • Supply Chain Data in the 21st Century Dairy | Dairy Industry Association of Australia, 2016 | Sydney
  • Consumers want your product and they want it from you! | Food Leaders Australia, 2016 | Brisbane
  • Feeding 9 billion consumers by 2050 | Foodtech, 2016 | Brisbane