Brett speaks on topics relevant to businesses and leaders in the current economic climate. Themes range across all areas of innovation, disruption and behavioural psychology covering how trends like, AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Data, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles and Systems and Industry 4.0 will change the face of business and society in the next 30 years.

In addition to speaking at your events, seminar, conferences for your leaders, executive, board, staff, teams and clients, Brett offers workshops for groups of up to 30 participants from 2 hours to 2 days leading people on a journey to understand the trends that will impact your business and how to harness these to take control of the change to come.

If you need to get in front of the change and find a new future for your business where you and your teams are excited about the era of disruption then lets develop content for you…


Adaptability: Humans ability to adapt got us here – where to now?

The compounding nature of tech driven innovation, a shrinking world, exponential growth in data, mushrooming communication, computational power and tomorrow's businesses being in market today. If you're building your; skills, career, team and business for today's market then are you really ready for tomorrow. The last 30 years has seen more change than the previous 100 years - the last decade has seen more change than the previous two. So what is driving these rate of change?

A Faster Future: the New Speed of Change

The worst thing you can do is build today's business for tomorrow. While you were building your business, your skills, your network, and your team the world changed. If at the heart of all those things you didn't have adaptability at the core then you were building the wrong thing. The last 30 years has seen more change than the previous 100 years - the last decade has seen more change than the previous two. What is driving these rate of change? To plan for the future we can't plan based on today we have to understand how change happens and plot our course ahead of the curve.

Australian Businesses’ Opportunity to Rise to the Challenge of the Asian Century

The Asian Century is a hot topic for industries across Australia. The term was coined in 2012 by the then Federal Gillard Government in the publishing of a white paper charting a vision for Australian prosperity based on selling our goods to the growing economies to our north. Now nearly 20 years into the 'Asian Century' how does the opportunity stack up and what are our businesses doing to take on the challenge and reap the rewards?

Psychology of Disruption: Evolution Didn’t Prepare You for Innovation

Move than 500,000 years ago homo erectus descended from the trees, walked upright set out across the savanna headed for Silicon Valley. In order to survive certain physical attributes, skills and cognitive mechanisms became part of our make up but unfortunately these were selected based on their ability to keep us alive and not to help us design the future of our industries. Not only are we not designed to innovate we're not psychologically wired to cope with the type of change innovation brings. So with that in mind how can you structure your businesses, work methods and culture to allow your business to become a innovation hot spot with a bright future.

A Hunger For Innovation: The Reinvention Of Food

How technology is delivering new food paradigms – personalised nutrition to the mass market, food and ingredient developed to deliver higher life quality. The arrival of "Clean Meat" and the impact of technology on how we feed our growing population is the focus of governments and corporates alike. More than ever sophisticated capital is looking to invest in agriculture from indoor cropping to the use of CRISPR to produce am unimaginable array of dietary options and making more from less. The future of food couldn't be more different from the recent past. Brett will explore the world of tomorrow through a lens of food and our hunger for innovation.


TSBE prides ourselves on being thought leaders when it comes to all matters economic development. We like to associate ourselves with other who share our passion of excellence and understanding what the future might look like. TSBE recently was fortunate to secure the service of Brett Wiskar to speak at a symposium we held. Wow – what a fantastic speaker and the feedback received was excellent.

Brett was able to challenge people about technology and what the future might look like. He challenged attendees with what is already happening now, and what might happen in the future. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Shane Charles – Executive Chairman

Brett Wiskar’s knowledge in technological leadership and guidance on best practice in innovation, digital platforms and revenue generation is invaluable. As an International Arts event, Brisbane Festival prides itself on being ahead of the curve and Brett’s articulation of what the future holds and how to best be part of that transformative process has been insightful, inspirational and compelling.

I highly recommend taking the time to hear Brett speak about the future of technology and the opportunities it presents.

Justin Grace – Marketing and Communications Director

Brett Wiskar’s grasp of the challenges and opportunities of innovation in and around Agribusiness is only superseded by his ability to eloquently articulate both experiences of innovation and opportunity to be gained from innovation. This clarity of need for innovation is obvious in his overt passionate presentation when speaking about the subject to any audience that will listen. Examples, experience and enthusiasm for all things innovative, make Brett a compelling presenter.

Tim Burrow – CEO, Agribusiness Australia

Brett Wiskar stoked the fires of creativity and innovation for our Food Leaders Australia event. His take on value chains, technology and how they can be harnessed to drive the transformation in our sector is always fresh and a wakeup call that enterprises should always take heed. Looking forward to next time with Mr. Wiskar.

Dr Ben Lyons – Chief Executive Officer, Food Leaders Australia

Custom Topics

lets find content that resonates with your audience

Often organisations and events have a theme, agenda or message they’re looking to integrate and share with their audience.  I love to work with clients to develop custom messaging and identify new ways to share this content and develop case studies and learnings for their audience. Themes encompassing the future of business, disruption, innovation, AI, behavioral psychology and larger mega-trends interlace with Brett’s presentations and this content can be tailored to focus on messages aligned to your event.


About Brett

Brett Wiskar is Chief Future Officer at Wiley and an active speaker and writer on the subjects of innovation, disruption, technology and it’s impacts on people, businesses and society. He works with clients and project teams on diverse subjects such as digital enablement, innovation, data (big & small), strategy, business models & the future of food industries & markets.

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